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don't touch to fall in love
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well, basically it's not a prediction. nor the anime or manga will turned into live action drama or movie. which is almost impossible thing right now. but, yesterday, me and my friend talking about this topic in twitter and tried to find japanese actor which fits the character. so, this is my 'prediction' :

the main arc....Collapse )
02 08 12 - not in love
not in love
woohyun/sungyeol, hints of myungsoo/sungyeol
warning: unbetaed

happy birthday, good luck.Collapse )
12 03 11 - nocturnal
woohyun/sungyeol, very-little sunggyu/myungsoo
a/n : early birthday gift to eva. i'm sorry if this is such an epic fail ;______;
this is so funny, he mentally slapped himself.Collapse )
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