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don't touch to fall in love
12 03 11
woohyun/sungyeol, very-little sunggyu/myungsoo
a/n : early birthday gift to eva. i'm sorry if this is such an epic fail ;______;
he stared at his phone and tapped it anxiously. the clock showed 2.12 AM. his glance turned to the door, no sign of another man yet. muted television now playing rerun of their favorite drama, a bubbly love story between a young teacher with a boy, one of her student in English class. he walked to kitchen and took another glass of water, he already drank enough coffee for that day.
he hadn’t cleaned the shattered red glass, his favorite one, one of many evidences that they had another quarrel again that day. he accused woohyun had another relationship behind his back. woohyun denied if he’s too close with sunggyu, a senior architecture consultant in his office. he accused woohyun tired of him, a senior college student who was 6 years younger. woohyun denied again, he said he was too busy with his new project, making him lack of sleep and he couldn’t give more attention to the younger man.
he sighed and dragged his feet, starting to remove the shattered glass. his body already showed its limit. he couldn’t open his swollen eyes more to remove the smaller pieces. he need to take a rest, maybe he could finish it later when sunrise or woohyun, he hoped, woke him up.
right after he opened his bedroom door, the oldest came. he could see woohyun bought a bag full of alcohol in his right hand. woohyun hadn’t start any conversation yet with him as he shoving a can of coffee on his chest. woohyun really didn’t know him after all. but unconsciously, he still opened the can and drinking it. while waiting for woohyun’s explanation, he sipped on his cold canned coffee. mochalatte, his second favorite. maybe his thought about woohyun didn’t know about the youngest was all wrong.
“so…” woohyun started. under the dimmed kitchen lamp, he could see woohyun opened a can of soda. “i’m sorry, “ woohyun continued. he saw woohyun fiddled his can, an usual sign of nervousness from the oldest. slowly silence growing inside their apartment. he could hear the clock ticking, showing time 2.30 AM. “i sleep on the sofa tonight, i’ll pack my things later.” he couldn’t respond to woohyun sudden decision as woohyun stormed their shared bedroom to get his pillow. this wouldn’t solve anything, he thought.
“hyung, “ he whispered to woohyun’s back. woohyun stopped but still didn’t turn to face his younger boyfriend. “it’s….it’s my fault to accuse you. i’m the one who should say sorry, “ he drank his coffee again to erase the bitter taste of asking forgiveness inside his mouth. woohyun sat on the sofa and sighed. “where will you sleep then if you get out from here?” he asked. the older shook his head and shrugged.
he took little steps to approach his boyfriend and sat beside him. television still playing their favorite drama, but they didn’t give little attention to the moving pictures. “please…” he said, near whisper. “what?” the oldest asked, eyes didn’t moved from the muted television. “please, stay here.” woohyun smiled. the older man took his canned coffee and put it on the coffee table in front of them. “what is it?” the younger blushed, confused with his boyfriend’s act.
“can’t you promise me one thing?” he nodded. “trust me fully. okay, let me explain first. sunggyu-hyung just asked me to company him bought something to myungsoo. you know myungsoo right? the smartest employee I introduced to you before. this hyung is kinda….falling in love with him. so when you caught us doing something like hugging, it was actually a friendly hug, yeol. you’re jealous over something simple, actually.”
the youngest stiffened. this is so funny, he mentally slapped himself. “and you know, finally i can get a week to spend it completely with you because our project had finished. about 3 hours ago,” woohyun smiled. “well, congrats, hyung…” he yawned. sleepiness finally took him down, as he let his head leaned on woohyun’s shoulder.
it’s 2.42 AM when he took a glance to the clock once again. “so where you’ll sleep tonight, hyung?” his eyes slowly closed. “i don’t know. i’m tired of our bed. how if we spend our night here on the sofa?” woohyun smirked and kissed the tired boy. “hyung, i’m tired,” he pushed the older and walked to their bedroom. but it’s failed since woohyun pulled the boy again and kissed him again. “we’ll sleep on this sofa, yeol. oh, i forget, it won’t called a sleep anyway.”
12 03 11 (UTC)
squeee. ♥

insecure sungyeol and semi-heartbroken woohyun. ; w ;

poor woohyun. ;~~~~~~;
don't move out, you'll make sungyeol feel worse about the silly situation. ; n ;

sungyeol, wae u throw glass vase at your boyfran?

yay! two of my favorite otps. ; w ;

they kissed and made up (and probably made out, too. hehe)
on a sofa, too, no less. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

sungyeorie, you have to trust woohyun more! ♥
/clings to. c8
ilu ♥
12 07 11 (UTC)
thanks to read it bb ;;

yeah, they just have a little misunderstanding here and there. and idk why i find they're quite hot as a couple with 6 years in age difference (and woohyun as an architect too :3)
01 03 12 (UTC)
*creepy mode activate*

I decided to peruse the Wooyeol tag...and came upon this. I read it before but I never commented I guess.

And guess what it is STILL good! I loved it, and umm...even if this is late and creepy, I just wanted to say I liked your WooYeol.

/deactivate creepy mode
01 04 12 (UTC)
well, thanks even it's so late <3
this is just a fail angst!wooyeol too imo ;~~~~~~;
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