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don't touch to fall in love
not in love 
02 08 12
not in love
woohyun/sungyeol, hints of myungsoo/sungyeol
warning: unbetaed

“come in,”

woohyun stepped on his half used cigarette and entered the small apartment. it was sungyeol’s apartment and now the living room was filled by a desk and an acoustic guitar. he picked up an opened notebook and saw what was written inside. a sappy love song, maybe addressed to his ex. he smiled, he remembered he never wrote a song for sungyeol.

“are you still smoking?” sungyeol frowned. and woohyun knew sungyeol never liked the fact that he’s smoking even after they broke up.

“why do you even care?” woohyun put the notebook and took the canned coffee that sungyeol offered to him. “why don’t you stop your habit in drinking coffee instead? you’ve too much caffeine inside your head,” woohyun sipped the coffee. it’s cappuccino, his favorite.

sungyeol didn’t answer his question. instead, he left woohyun to the kitchen and came back with a wrapped box. “take it,” he stretched his left arm and pushed the gift to woohyun’s chest.

“don’t you worried that your boyfriend will know it?” woohyun smirked. he took the gift and opened it slowly. “he won’t care. he isn’t an obsessive type, like you,” sungyeol answered it clearly. “but, he must be bad at your bed,” woohyun flipped open the birthday card inside the box.

happy birthday,
good luck.

sungyeol & myungsoo

“nope, he is good at it. i’m proud of him,“ sungyeol drank his coffee until the last drop then threw it to the nearest trash can. woohyun finally opened the tiny box and found what was he (or they, if woohyun referred from what he read in the card) gave to him. a guitar pick.

“i know you don’t need it. but please, don’t throw it,” sungyeol approached woohyun slowly and suddenly kissed him. woohyun realized he shouldn’t do it; sungyeol was his ex and he was myungsoo’s. but woohyun quickly erased that thought and replied the kiss.

soon, they’re already on sungyeol’s bed. moans and groans could be heard easily as they’re too drowned in their lust. “i’ll miss this moment, you jerk,” sungyeol smiled while holding his pains from woohyun’s intrusion. “so do i,” said woohyun before he came inside sungyeol.

“myungsoo will come in an hour,” sungyeol rubbed woohyun’s bare back, waking him up. woohyun slowly opened his eyes and looking at his cellphone’s clock. it’s passed 3 AM, and he just slept for barely 2 hours.

“okay, i’ll go home now,” picking up his thrown clothes, he didn’t dare to look at sungyeol’s eyes. it must be another torture for him even though he just looked at sungyeol’s eyes. right before he opened the main door, sungyeol followed him and kiss him once again. “happy birthday, baby.”

a/n :
this is a mess inspired by lee minki’s cover of ‘not in love’ mixed with feeling of adele’s ‘someone like you’. happy birthday dear nambabo
02 21 12 (UTC)
Oh no cheating! But....wooyeol! Argh! My feels are all over the place.
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