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don't touch to fall in love
{ sekaiichi hatsukoi live-action "prediction" - 01 } 
08 24 12
well, basically it's not a prediction. nor the anime or manga will turned into live action drama or movie. which is almost impossible thing right now. but, yesterday, me and my friend talking about this topic in twitter and tried to find japanese actor which fits the character. so, this is my 'prediction' :

onodera ritsu


okay, why it must be takahiro nishijima (he's AAA member, fyi)? my reason is he looks quite tsundere and based on his personality on tv, he will be fit as newcomer clumsy manga editor but great experience in novel editing. he maybe looks rather tidy and serious but doesn't ricchan too? personally i want to see him act doing a great work in his manga editing but still, foolishly hiding all of those love feelings towards saga-senpai.

saga takamune / takano masamune


aha. hiroshi tamaki. great acting in nodame cantabile, great popularity even reaches china to shoot a movie togeher with yoon eun hye and great looks obviously. no more reason to cannot let him in; looks fabulous with glasses, sexy voice even acted as gay before.
(oh shoot i'm already excited over something unhappening)

takafumi yokozawa


kaname jun. i saw him few times (before i realized, yesterday) in Ryuusei no Kizuna and LADY. i like his tough persona, not to mention his usual appearance either in suit, tie, vest or just shirt. he'll get yokozawa 'seme-soon-to-be-uke' personality too well, i think c:

note : saw another post like this on mangafox and tamaki hiroshi plus kaname jun are on their list too, yay ! i'll continue this later. this is already quarter past two in the morning, i must go to sleep or i'll be screwed.

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